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Implant Retained Dentures

What Are Implant Retained Dentures?

Dentures can be a compromise, they may cause irritation to the gums and move when eating or talking causing embarrassment. Dental Implants may be used to support your dentures to provide a more comfortable solution and give you more confidence.

The Dental implants are made or titanium and are placed into the bone to replace the tooth roots. The implants need time to integrate into the jaw before they can be used to supporting the dentures. This typically takes 10 to 12 weeks.

Once the dental implants have been placed and allowed to integrate into the bone, special attachments may be connected which allow dentures to be made which clip into place. This produces greater security and allows you to eat a greater range of foods.

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Dental Implant Types

The most common types of dental implants are Single Implants, Multiple Implants and Implant Retained Dentures

Single Implant

An implant is a great option for a single missing tooth, both at the front or the back of the mouth.

Multiple Implants

If more than one tooth is missing, there may still be implant options open to you.

Implant Retained Dentures

Dentures can be a compromise and may be uncomfortable or move when you talk and eat.

The Key Benefits of Implant Retained Dentures?

  • Eliminates movement and irritation
  • Improves your ability to bite and chew
  • Preserves vour jaw bone which shrinks away after tooth removal
  • Greater confidence when smiling and talking
  • No need to use denture adhesives

Why Choose Ainsty Dental Care?

All the Implants here at Ainsty Dental are placed by the practice owner Stephen Davies. Stephen is an experienced implant dentist who has being placing dental implants in York for a number years and has a masters degree in dental implantology. Stephen is above all passionate about providing the best possible care for his patients.

To ensure the best possible outcomes we use implants from the Straumann Group® which include Straumann and Neodent implants both popular and clinically proven choices. Straumann is a Swiss company who have been making Implants since 1974 and are one of the largest companies providing implants worldwide. Neodent was founded in 1993 and are based in Brazil, they are the second largest dental implant company worldwide.

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Our 3 Step Process

Strategic planning is an important step in the phase of any treatment. Below outlines our 3 step Dental Implant plan.

Assessment and Planning

Firstly, we must evaluate your needs, clinical history and perform a thorough assessment. We will also perform diagnostic scans such as a CBCT (3D X-ray) to help plan your case. Above all it is important to evaluate each case to find the best solution.


The implants are placed securely into the bone and a number of sutures may be placed. 10-14 days later the sutures are removed and the implants left to integrate into the bone. In some circumstances the implants may have a temporary crown placed at the same time of placement but the permanent restorations are generally placed at approximately 12 weeks.


Implant treatment does not end when the prosthesis is placed. It is very important to follow your dentists instructions on cleaning as well as attending all of the check-ups. This is the only way to ensure your implant treatment is durable over the long term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium fixture which is placed into the bone to replace the missing tooth root. On top of the implant we may sit a crown, bridge or denture to restore your smile.

Do Dental Implants hurt?

During the implant placement the dentist will place adequate local anaesthesia to ensure you do not feel anything. After the placement there will be a small amount of discomfort which is easily managed with over the counter analgesics.

How long does dental implant treatment take?

Once the dental implant is placed on average we wait for 12 weeks to allow the bone to integrate the fixture before we place the completed restoration.

How do I care for my dental implant?

It is essential to keep your implant spotlessly clean, you must maintain a high level of oral hygiene on a daily basis and regularly visit the dentist and hygienist.

Our Dental Treatments

Ainsty Dental in York can provide a variety of dental procedures for your needs.

New Patients

New patients are always welcome to the practice. Ainsty Dental Practice is a York Dentists where our aim is to provide quality dental care in a relaxed and friendly environment at affordable prices.

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Dental Implants

Expert dental implant treatment to replace missing teeth, and as a result helping you achieve a natural and beautiful smile. You have lost one or several teeth and would like a fixed solution. We can place a titanium implant securely into the bone in place of the tooth root. We may then attach a crown, bridge or denture onto the top.


Do you have denture problems? Are your false teeth loose or uncomfortable? We can help provide the solution with our bespoke service in York. False teeth made to your needs!

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